Lightbox random empty space


I have a problem with the lighbox element connected to the CMS, it does not correctly align the photos. I made several attempts but nothing leaves empty spaces at random.
Here an example

sometimes it happens that from one browser to another it changes result

if I move the photos at random the problem sometimes does not occur.

welcome to the forum @Fuertenjoy, I had a quick look and this is almost certainly because your images aren’t all the same size. You can’t create a perfect grid with images that aren’t the same size, or at least the same ratio.
I can’t say for sure, I’d need the read-only (not just the published link) for that. So either use the same size image or look at using custom css (examples can be found on the forum) to make them fit the space.

good morning
Thanks for the reply.
if I create the lightbox not from CMS it works perfectly with the same photos.
The strange thing is that on the edited and the preview are correct , once published on Edge works, on firefox, crome and opera no.

I tried to put the photos all the same size and DPI but nothing changes

How do I make the code public?

is right ?

That’s the right link, thanks for that @Fuertenjoy. Although in this case, having both helps since the issue occurs after publishing. It seems to be a reflowing issue. I had a look in chrome and it looks good on smaller screens
but on a larger screen the gap appears.
I wonder if this is due to the collection list wrapper being styled, not the collection list itself? That’s me making assumptions so :woman_shrugging: . I’ll take a look later and see if I can find the culprit.
Changing the image sizes has made it look better, though. Before, some of the images stuck out

this is the wrapper:
Section (no mod)
div_block (no mod)
Collection list wrapper (no mod)

@Fuertenjoy what I meant was, the ‘collection list wrapper’ is styled (see screenshot) and the ‘collection list’ (see next screenshot) isn’t. I’m not sure what you meant :thinking:? Usually, you’d add the styling to the ‘collection list’. For example, if you wanted to create a grid or use flex box, that would only work when applying that style to ‘collection list’.

were you able to fix it @Fuertenjoy? I had another look today and it looks fine now.