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Lightbox not working

I am having issues with a gallery that I have created. When I click on the majority of projects, the lightbox opens without the thumbnails at the bottom of the computer screen (like example 1). There is only one project that opens the way that it should (Party Pavilion - example 2).

I can not figure out how to edit the lightbox itself. The only choices that I find are either images or video, but nothing to set the width, height, etc.

Here is my read-only file:

Webflow - Calvin Landscape

Hey @Fivestones !

Do you mean these thumbnails?

Is this your intended result?

You gotta fix your Body and page wrapper classes. Your Body wrap is pushing the thumbnails below the fold. Resetting the Body default state to norml resolved the issue.

Thank you. This is what I am trying to do.
How do I reset the Body default state to normal?

Select your global body class and make sure Display and Spacing and Sizeare in default slate.



Thank you for the help!!!