Lightbox not linking - what have I missed?

Hi guys,

I have used the new multi gallery CMS feature to add in product photos. I have then pulled these in via a lightbox. These are being used within a CMS collection of ‘Blinds by Type’

I have ticked ‘link with other lightboxes’ and given them a name which then gets applied to each item but it’s not working. On hover I can see that it’s giving the lightbox link # which is making it do nothing.

Can anyone advise what I’ve missed?

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey Luke!

Looks like you missed linking the actual lightbox to your CMS photo gallery. Select the lightbox, go to settings, click the “Get Media from …”, then select the gallery from the dropdown.


Yes, @bryanmanio is right! You need to get your media from somewhere.

Ah thanks so much. Didn’t notice that at all, I figured that as it had pulled in the images it had connected to the media. Thanks for your help, appreciate it!


Closing the topic. Have fun :webflow_heart: