LIGHTBOX - make my life easier ;)

I’ve just started using Lightbox. Seems great, but I can see a way to make the UX much better.

It’s true that sometimes you want the media content and its thumbnail to be different, but most of the time, you don’t! :slight_smile:

Two ways to implement this UI efficiency upgrade:

  1. If a thumbnail has not been selected (that is to say it’s still the default placeholder), when an image/video is chosen, it should automagically be set as the thumbnail.

  2. Add a checkbox “Use media as thumbnail”

I’m about to embark on a 60+ lightbox grid and this feature would have saved SO much time, not to mention it would eliminate room for error.

Please think about it, surely it’s not too hard to implement in that whiz-bang new Style Panel.


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BUMP! :slight_smile:
I really think this would be a helpful addition.

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