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Lightbox Image Names Written In Cyrillic

Hello people,

Hope you are doing well. So I have a bunch of images in the lightbox, but I have written their names in cyrillic (my client is from Bulgaria). So when I view the site and inspect it in Chrome, the names in the lightbox appear as numbers and letters, not in cyrillic language. What can I do about it? If they have their cyrillic names, it will be better for SEO, but in this case I do not know what to do.



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Hi @11110, thanks for the post. At the moment the images that are uploaded to Webflow are given unique file names, the original image name is changed to include the numbers at the beginning of the image name.

What is remaining of the image name is only rendered in latin english, although the ability to support foreign language character sets is a great one for our wishlist, see here:

Hi @cyberdave,

Thank you for your reply. What do you recommend me to do? I am thinking of writing them in English and call it done.

Nikola (1110)