Lightbox Export Code

So I’ve got a super simple website, no interactions, two pages that can be built in like 15 minutes. This client wants to have a lightbox images on there. So there are 9 lightbox images on the page, all connected together.

I don’t yet have a pro account and I cannot charge this client, pay 24$ and then refund him when the export code doesn’t work.

Question #1: Is lightbox code all in css connected via script to

Question #2: The client will swap images in the future. What does the ‘integrity’ class with the hash looking code mean? What do ‘id’ and ‘filesize’ mean and how will the client be able to change those values without breaking code?


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Anyone got an idea about this?

Hello @maartin

In order to export a website code in Webflow you need to have a PRO account, there’s no workaround for this.

The lightbox code is included in the JS file that Webflow provides when you export the code.

and I don’t understand your second question, can you clarify please?

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Thanks for the answer. Sure I can try to clarify:

As I said, the client will swap images sometime in the future. He will just replace images in the assets folder, without changing their names so code doesn’t break. The problem is: - what does ID mean and how will effect the code when image is changed? Also wondering the same for the ‘filesize’.

Also there’s something called ‘integrity’, how does this effect anything if it even does?

  • Is this done automatically, or does webflow generate resized images that will net be possible to be done automatically after export?