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Lightbox & Collections - Separate Groups?

Does anyone know if it is possible to use different Groups within a lightbox gallery that is pulling images from one Collection? I’m trying to create a Samples page that has images grouped by project. They all come from the same Collection, so if I use the “Link with other lightboxes” feature, I can only create ONE group. It gets applied to everything.

Do I really have to create a collection for every project?

Page in question:

Here is my site Read-Only:

No. But “yes” you should use some tricks :frowning: until webflow will have better solution for galleries.

Anyway from this position use limit (Very short).

(show 1 start at 1)

Use group 1 for all images.

Copy paste the collection (show 1 start at 2)

Use group 2 for all images…Same idea for all collection items 345

Not modular (IF you add project you should “again” create collection and “limit”. Anyway will work fine).

Thanks Siton. So it’s kind of an in-between solution. Better than having to create a whole new collection. I will try this out.

Just did it. Worked great! Thanks again.