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Light Feature Suggestion - Z-index of 'Help' hover state


This Light Feature Suggestion isn’t super important, but more of a little tweak to bring webflow that much closer to being perfect. :slight_smile:

Light Feature Suggestion:

Increase Z-index of the hover state of ‘Help’ section present on the bottom-left of the designer. Currently, the Help’s Z-index is higher than all options, except CMS.

The problem is whenever we have the CMS panel open and hover over Help, it doesn’t show up.

This leads to somewhat of a confusion or a moment of disconnect, especially to new users. Increasing the Help’s Z-index (higher than that of CMS panel’s) would improve the overall user experience.

What do you guys think? :webflow_heart:

Hello @RohanGanachari,

For feature suggestions Lite or Large, I would recommend posting them here:

That is where you would more than likely get traction.

~Happy Designing

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Link to wish-lis: