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Light Feature Suggestion - Trigger Setting


I think the current display in Trigger settings is a bit confusing / takes a bit of unnecessary effort. A lot of times I end up thinking - which device is the interaction set on? and then, I need to carefully read and select each on accordingly.


To make life a little bit easier, I suggest there could a green tick/check display showing which device the interaction is currently active on. It’s bright, visual, easy to recall as compared to the current light grey BG color.


What do you guys think? :webflow_heart:


Nice Idea :slight_smile: It’s a little hard to know what active/not-active for now (Although you find the text below “trigger on…”.

UI: The tick/check should be 60% smaller.

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I agree despite countless hours inside WF designer I still sometimes have mental hiccups when looking at this part.

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Hi all,

I created a wishlist post - please vote for my idea! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion and Wishlist item @RohanGanachari

Your feedback to help make Webflow better is really appreciated! Our engineers are aware of your post. :slight_smile:


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Thank you, @magicmark :slight_smile:

aaand we have a new ui!

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So happy to find out webflow updated it! :tada::webflow_heart:

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