Light box connect to dynamic collection?

New to webflow and learning a lot as I go. I have a client that needs what I think is a lightbox that he needs to be able to edit. He needs to be able to post what cars are for sale and what the details are for each car. On average he has about 10-20 cars for sale. And each car has 20 pics to show all angles/inside/outside.

Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to go about doing this to not make it too complicated for him to add/edit?

I want to do a slide show that operates like this website (it’s my inspiration for this page) but with 20-24 pics.

BUT I need the photos AND the info ( Headline, and all car details - make, model, etc.) to be editable.

It seems like I am trying to combine a collection, multicolumn slider or lightbox, and it’s a little confusing on how to go about it. I’ve watched tutorials, but I’m stuck. Is this something I can do with the features in Webflow or is this too complicated?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Jacquethoele we do not yet have dynamic lightboxes available but you may find this workaround helpful until we do: Custom lightbox with dynamic content

You can also vote for this feature here: Dynamic Lightboxes | Webflow Wishlist

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