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Lift the "No Custom Code widget in Link Block" restriction

I know this could lead to bugs but we could be left with the possibility, and use it responsibly.

Custom code widget with CMS is a wonderful tool. Allows for a lot of neat features, such as having image blocks with an external image as a background image with a cover property. Like here:

So this is a card design agenda element. And for it to have the best SEO, we should avoid buttons such as “Learn more…” things and apply the link (and the link hint) to the whole card. For that, we need a link block wrapped around the card. But as the image is shown by a custom code widget (picking a Flickr link in the CMS collection), it’s not possible. So the link is only on the content below, and it’s not ideal at all.

There are a lot of better reasons to add custom code into those cards, and every time you do it, you won’t be able to use the best practice for card design links. (again, hint and link on the whole card)

Here too, the hint and link should be applied to the whole card.

But it can’t be so currently it only wraps the content, and it’s not intuitive for users. They can miss it, or spend seconds looking for it.

Thanks for listening!

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