Library layouts duplicating classes?

I’m new to Webflow, but quite experienced in building sites in other platforms.

My question is around using the new(?) library layouts Libraries | Webflow and specifically how experienced Webflow users are using them (if at all)?

My gripe is that classes are incrementally duplicated when adding layouts onto the same canvas. On the help docs Libraries | Webflow University it does explain that this is by design:

Note: If you add a layout to the canvas that has a class already in existence on your site, the class name will appear with an incremented number. For instance, if you already have a “Button” class in your site and you add a layout that contains the same “Button” class, the layout class name will become “Button-2” in the Selector field.

But, is it possible to stop it doing it? It result in having to remove and add classes repeatedly when customising pages. Or am I missing something?