Libraries importing a second class (putting 2 after the existing class)

Is anyone else getting duplicate classes every time they import a component from a library?
I installed the untitled ui library to a project and changed the styling on a header (uui-heading-large) and every time I add a different component from the library it adds a new class (uui-heading-large 2) am I missing something or am I using the libraries wrong?

It goes for every class that gets added, regardless of page, or type of component.

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 2.34.13 PM
Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 2.33.46 PM

Has anyone found a solution for this or know of another post that solves this? Thanks!

If you changed the styling, then yes I’d expect it to create a new copy of that class to avoid interference.

The namespacing approach you see, like ZM_class is sort of a makeshift way to minimize conflicts with your own classes, but you’ll still get dupes created in the case of class-change conflicts.

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Ohh dear, i got the same problem.

Case: I drag a component out of the untiled ui library into the projekt. I can do this with many different components without getting duplicates.


After closing the designer and getting back and drag ne components into the projekt i got duplicate names for the attributes.

Is there any solution?!

is there a chance that this bug is going to be fixed ASAP?
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this makes the library usless :frowning:

The copy paste bug is a much bigger issue actually.

For the library, the only times I’ve seen duplication of classes is when I made a change to a class. So if your workflow is;

  1. Add a lib component
  2. Adjust its styling
  3. Add another lib component from the same library

You’ll run into class collisions and get renaming. It makes sense, although ideally, for advanced users who understand HTML and CSS, Webflow might ask whether you want to use existing classes. That would be cool, but disastrously confusing for someone who doesn’t understand those things.

Change your workflow to;

  1. Add all the lib components you want from a particular library
  2. Now make your styling adjustments

And you’ll get cleaner results with less class-fixing.

This is a major pain/oversight when using libraries.

Webflow should give you the option to use existing classes. Otherwise, you end up having to carry out lots of manual class work for no reason :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The problem still exists and is extremely annoying, is there any news?