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Letting Agency Website

Hello - I have been approached by a property agent to design a website for their new rental arm. The site has to integrate with their software - has any one any experience of this - how did you do it and which software did you integrate with? All help appreciated.

I have some experience with that.

Depends on the software their are using… and what you mean by integrate.

I’m guessing the software stores resident info - name / address / payments etc.

and… you want to either display some of this information on the website

and / or collect payments ?

To do any of this… you need to a scripting language.


The ability to read / write or import / export - data.

Knowing what software they are using and a further definition of “integrate”…

will tell what tools you should use. How long it will take. And how much it will cost.

As well as what the client should expect.

Thank you for your reply. My client (if indeed I can do the job!) tells me that they enter the property details and photos etc on their CRM (which does all the other things you mention also) and this enables them to simultaneously populate the website and other property sites. She is setting up by herself so has not purchased any software as yet, recommendations welcomed. Would welcome any further comments.


Do you know what the CRM is ?
Is it an off-the-shelf app ? or custom built.
Knowing that the CRM updates the website is a good thing…
you know it’s internet ready.

In the past, I’ve dealt with companies who were using pc-based applications that had no method of getting data in or out. That’s a pain the you-know-what.

I need more definition for “setting up by herself so has not purchased”… what type of software is looking for ? Are you saying the software is a replacement for the CRM… or is the software / process / methodology to get the info to the website ???

Hi - She is setting up her own business and has not purchased anything. The CRM is off the shelf and is the software I refer to - it stores all the info on the customer including the property listing. You enter the details into he CRM system press a button and the website is update apparently.


ok. If I were you… I would tear open the CRM.
Start learning how it works. How it stores data.
Just because it can create the website for you…
doesn’t mean the data is accessible.

Without answering that question… there’s no need to continue.
You will run in circles.

Sorry. Not sure if what I’ve said is helping you.

No one here will be able to help you… without detailed info.

Thank you - it does help, my fear was that it was going to be very complicated - and indeed it is!

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