Letters transposed on iphone 6 (mobile safari)

This is weird but for some reason the word “life” is being transposed for the site I am working on.

It is fine on desktop and ipad but on the iphone “life” is transposed to “lfie” even though it is spelled correctly in the designer.

Here is a screenshot from my iphone: http://cloud.orangemooncreative.com/2n1j4721283b

Here is the read-only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/noedis?preview=e72f1b5a8f2b2ff4da0690d08ed9675b

The issue is found on the “book scott” page

It’s an issue with Google fonts. Not sure whether the WF team can do anything about it…

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ahhhhh got it. thanks. that sucks lol

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