Letterboxing on Background Video

Hi all,

I’ve just added a background video element to this homepage, which worked fine (video was covering whole screen when playing back). I then replaced the clip with a new one, and while it appears with a still frame covering the Designer screen, as soon as I preview (or publish) the page, the video is letterboxing. Any ideas why?


Hopefully someone can shed some light on this — it’s the first time I have seen this problem.

Thank you.


Add a screenshot of the problem. Looks fine to me (Maybe clear cache -or- chrome incognito) + add live url

preview mode:

Sorry, forgot to mention this is in Safari. I see it fine in Chrome, but letterbox scaling is happening in Designer and Safari.

Live link:


Screen shots:

On the poster i find black padding :slight_smile:


Looks like this is an issue of the video himself (Not a bug or something):


Oh good grief, how did I not see that! :grimacing:

Thanks Ezra!

Great. Its happen. Replace the video an mark this as solution.

By the way on chrome (This is why i also check the video himself):

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