Let's chat slider


I’m wondering how I could design this in Webflow (when you click “Let’s talk” CTA a slider appears from the right):

Here’s the live page:

Thanks in advance :wink:

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I have an example you can copy from:


Click on the “Open Panel” link. The block you need is called “Side Menu - Right”.

You can try copy/paste. Open two chrome browsers and open your site in one and my collection in the other. Try copying that Side Menu - Right layer, then paste into your project - in the Navigator where you want it. The menu is full screen, so it won’t matter where, but I’d prefer at top under Body tag.

Hope this helps :grin:

Hey Gary,

Thanks for the post! I tried copy/pasting, but it says that “Navbar buttons can only be displayed inside navbar elements”, even though it’s not a navbar… maybe I can’t copy it?