Let us chose a CC licence for site we allow to be duplicated

As for now, when you showcase a site and allow duplication, this message comes up:

  • Websites with cloning turned on are open source (made available under the CC0 license). You allow any user to copy, modify, and use any part of this Webflow website for personal or commercial purposes.

That means any part of the website falls in Open Source.

At best this is unrealistic. There are tons of copyrighted content in the sites everybody is sharing: images, icons, fonts to begin with. We could chose licences among the cc ones or state that even if the site is clonable, the content, especially the resources, keep their copyright.

I had to remove the clonable property of many of my showcased sites today, because I work with images, icons and fonts that I have licences for, and that others are allowed to used for themselves in some case, but certainly not allowed to resell. If I wanted to follow the rule exactly, I’d have to remove the clonable property on all of them.

When you chose not to allo for duplication, there is this message:

Websites with cloning turned off do not give others access to copy your site or open it in the designer. When cloning for a site is disabled, that site count towards your private site limit.

Which is partly incorrect: if sharing is activated, users can still open it in the designer as a read-only site.



This brings up a good point.

Question for Webflow Staff… when copy/paste is added for Webflow sites, will you by able to copy/paste styles from any showcased site with a read only link, or only cloanable sites or only your sites?

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I was wondering about that myself awhile back.

Specifically images. Every image I use is purchased.

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