Let client logos disappear instead of stacking

Can I let client logos disappear if they don’t fit the screen (e.g. split screen)? Instead of showing them in a new row, just let them disappear?

Also, the only way I found to make the client logo section look decent was this spacing, not sure if that’s an issue or if there’s a better way:

Thanks so much for any tips!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - MVP

If the container has a fixed height matching the logo element height, you can set overflow: hidden. Anything wrapping to the next line will be out of view.

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Oh that’s cool, thanks. It’s sometimes showing half of a logo though, is that just an issue with the previewer or something I can fix?

Not sure what you’re trying to do with your layout but Clients Wrapper 3 has -220 margins and 147% width, so your logos are not going to respect your flex wrap child the way you’re describing.

You should probably rebuild that element so it’s with the visible area of the page.

yeah, not sure what I was doing there… Okay, rebuilt it, still having the same issue though…

I’m on a speaking tour for a week, so I won’t be able to look again- but the setup is simple.

Make sure your your outer div fits the page width, and is overflow none. Make your inner div flex, horizontal, with children wrapping. set the inner div’s height to a specific measure like 3rems, and the logos to the same height as that div.

That’s the simplest layout that should accomplish what you want at all breakpoints.

Good luck! You’re close.

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Works now, thank you so much! and good luck on the speaking tour