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Less than 1280px view?

It would be nice to have a less than 1280x view. We all know that most tables less than 1280, this always causes a issues with ipad in landscape mode.

The website looks great at anything above 1280, anything less than 991. But it looks terrible between the two.

What do you mean? You can drag the edges of the Designer down to 991 to see and adjust. Also, you can “Hold down the mouse” and look at “Diamond” marker at the bottom ruler to see the “Device Names”. Just keep the mouse click button held to view.

I know that is a thing, however under bootstrap you can specify anything between 1280 and 991. This in part for smaller screens. In this case Ipad on landscape mode. With this idea would be to have a page optimized under 1280 but look all odd above. Since desktop view is used in iPad landscape mode it just makes sense to have these option. This way you can have a website look good on anything HD and above, Look good in iPads landscape mode and use the rest for mobile portrait modes. Just like we have iPhone landscape it would be good to had iPad landscape.

You mean like this?:

Yep, that’s it. Now on the ruler you’ll see small “Diamonds”. If you stop on the diamond and hold down the left mouse device names show.

What I mean is that ipad should go to 1280 not 991.

When the browser agent for tablets it should bring the view made for 1280 and less.
When bringing the desktop version it can bring 991 and up. This way both units can cover 1280 to 991

The thing is that iPad in landscape is like the desktop version.

Ah I see, gotch.

So what is happening for you? What is the exact viewing experience? Can you show a screenshot or something to see.

Sure thing here it is.

Good - Desktop Version over set at 1280x and above

Good - Ipad Version In Portrait Mode at 991x

not so good - Ipad Landscape at 1280

mostly anything under between 1280 and 991 should have its own setting. And this just a part of the website. The rest of the site seem to have the same issue.

The glitch here is that you can set the iphone frame to no shrink. However the elelment next to it will move. If you se the map to shrink, it will not do move it above 1280. So you are just chasing your tail at this point.

What’s the ipad resolution set at? Because there are sooo many devices, with numerous settings. My tablet may work, but my girlfriend has her resolution set and her font size much different, so when I test it doesn’t work on her device. The best you’re going to get is a middle ground, but you’ll never get all working how you want. These sites have a wide range that I use to get me to that ‘middle’ compromise. Just wanted to share.

Thank you, i guess getting things response is the hardest part. I fixed it by using the No Flex option and making the elements smaller. it would still be nice to have the landscape mode for tables as it would make things easier.

Yeah man I hear ya. I think the web and principles are starting to work streamlined but tweaks and work-arounds are still the norm. Good Luck.

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