Lenny Contacts | Taking a Stand Against Microplastic Waste

Hey all :wave:

Here’s a site I made for my side project, Lenny, which is a contact lens brand raising awareness of the microplastic waste in oceans that lenses can cause. It was a lot of fun building the site in Webflow and adding some animated bits using AfterEffects and Lottie :smiley:

Hope you like it. Thanks,

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Awesome job @jamiesamman992, the website looks great!

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Great work @jamiesamman992 !

Just a quick one - if I understand correctly, the idea is to help people find lenses they can dispose of monthly, instead of daily right? If so, should the sentence under “You do the maths” be:

“Lenny helps you find monthly disposable lenses, so you’ll use way fewer lenses each month than if you were wearing dailies. That means there’s way less chance of you putting your lenses down the drain every day” (currently month).

Or is it about disposing of the lenses correctly each month, instead of them literally going down the drain? Cool concept either way.

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great spot! thanks so much

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