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Legacy Personal Plan - Form Submission Confusion

Hi all,
Long-time Webflow user here (I looove it, btw).

I’m setting up a site that will actively use a modal/ opt-in. I’m using Webflow’s form to capture the info. When I went to my settings/forms tab to set up the email info, I saw this:

I’m not on the free plan - I’m a paying customer on the Personal Plan. When I check my account, I see that it’s now considered a “legacy” plan.

My legacy plan included the 100 free form submissions and email notifications. Do I still have this?

If I have the site hosted on godaddy, is this even an issue?


Hey @Todd,

Long time Webflower here as well :raised_hands:

As I don’t have full access to Webflow back-end I can’t find out what’s going on with your account, however I can answer your last question, there’s no issue whoever you host with :thumbsup:

A member of staff with full access will reply to your query shortly.

Or if it’s super urgent you can email

Hey @nwdsha thanks. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my account - the Forms page notifier looks like a standard default. It’s just very confusing :slight_smile:

I just have to make sure that us “legacy” folks still have access to the 100 free form submissions per month as the site I’m launching is for a client.

Nothing should change for the Personal plan. Same goes with form submissions.

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