Left Navbar on devices

Hi, I have a problem with a navigation bar. My navigation bar in the desktop display is on the left side. When I move to other devices, it remain a blank space and the navigation bar become a button located up in the home page. How can I remove this blank space on devices visualization? I only want the button on devises but I can’t eliminate the empty nav bar on the left side because I spected this happened as a responsive page.


Thank you

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Hey @lacomision, the empty space is being create by the content div that has position of 180px to the left added on the desktop view. Here’s how to adjust that parameter for tablet and smaller.

  • Got to tablet view mode by pressing 3 on the keyboard or clicking the symbol
  • Select the content div and scroll dow to the positioning
  • Set the left to 0px, it will now be blue to indicate that it is overriding the parent’s setting


Hope that helps. Happy designing!

Thank you very much Matthew¡ It really helped

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