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Left arrow nav on slider is in the way. How do I move it?

I’m using a pop up contact form and the questions are in a slider.

The slider nav is getting in the way of my contact forms radio buttons on mobile. I want the back button to sit at the bottom left which I have it exactly where I want it, but how do I change the left slider nav container from going from top to bottom as it’s covering the radio buttons, so that on mobile it’s difficult to make a selection.

I’ve tried changing its position, but it then seems to sit in the middle of the container and I’ve tried giving the radio buttons a higher z index, but I can’t understand why I can make it do what I want it to do.

If I make the arrow container narrower, there is still the chance that when people make a selection, they miss and end up going back.

Any ideas?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Is anyone able to help on this? If I’ve not made the question clear enough please let me know.

I can’t seem to change the position of the left arrow container. I just want it tucked away wrapped around the back button and it’s driving me mad.

@Waldo @sabanna you guys are usually on point :grin:

Thank you @samliew

Edit: I didn’t change the padding to 0. Never even saw that as it’s set by default. God I feel a bit simple!

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