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Learning Ruby, useful or not?

Hey guys.
Do you think that a webdesigner/webmaster today has to learn Ruby, even if he is using webflow?
If yes or no, can you please explain why?
Thank you by advance for your help & interest.

To my understanding Ruby is another level of coding.

Compared to Javascript, which is executed locally on the users’ end, Ruby is a program executed on the server. the results are then pushed to the end user on the form of HTML, CSS, JS, whatever.

Ruby is made to build applications, not web sites. Even serious applications. Sites with big user systems, projects etc. Think Redmine (a collborative dev/bug tracker), or a big site to sell and exchange cars, or an accounting website… Sites that aren’t just website but big serious applications.

If you build sites with Webflow and host them on Webflow, Ruby can’t do anything for them, as you need Ruby to be installed on a server to run a site programmed in Ruby.

You could develop a great Ruby site, and design the front end with Webflow, but at a moment you’d have to leave Webflow and integrate the front end in your bigger site, hosted elsewhere.

What is useful for Webflow is to learn Javascript. (Also HTML/CSS).

To recap:

No, Ruby is not the game of a designer or webmaster. Ruby is the game of a developer.

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Thank you for sharing your point of vue, @vincent

Hey @Blaise_Posmyouck,

What @vincent said is all very true, that being said - if you work a lot with developers - I don’t think it will hurt you to know what’s going on, I think it makes you think more modular about your design. but again it really depends on the type of design work you do.

I did a couple of ruby and ruby on rails courses over the past few months myself, mainly for the reason that I’m not from a very technical background and I felt like ruby was a good way to introduce myself into the world of programming since it’s very readable and easy syntax, once I understood the basic concepts of programming I moved over to Javascript which has always been very scary looking to me before :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for this answer, @SidneyOttelohe
Take care,

It really depends on your goals like @SidneyOttelohe said. Take a look at Mackenzy Child Youtube Channel to find some inspiration to find your answer. Maybe some day can learn Angular js to.

Hey @AntonioBalderas thanks for your answer !
Yes I was thinking of Mackenzie Child when I asked this question :slight_smile:
And yes, maybe one day I’ll learn angular too :slight_smile:
Step by step, but I think I will try Ruby first.
Thank you all for your help !

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