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Learning from others in Discover / View in webflow view?

Just wondering.

I’m viewing some great projects in webflow from others, is it possible to somehow learn how they did certain things by viewing all the classes and properties in webflow. This seems to be the case, but wondering if webflow has disabled anything [ like interactions ] to not share too much?

I love seeing how others name the classes, this is helping me alot.

Anyone else have any tips / tricks on how best to learn from some of these webflow Ninjas?


Hey @LvnLife - a great way to learn about Webflow is through our tutorials . Another great way is by inspecting the preview links of public sites that you admire.

It’d be great if some users on this forum could record themselves building a website. Any volunteers? You will get some Webflow shwag if you do! :smile:


@cyberdave - in discover / viewing others webflow tutorials, can we explore how others do interactions? or is this turned off on purpose?

Do you guys have any links that talk to how we can learn from others by viewing how they go about doing things in the webflow design > preview mode / nothing will be saved experience ?


I think interactions are turned on Ryan. For instance I see them in Mat Vogel’s site
Mat creates a bunch of the tutorials for Webflow I believe.

You have to click on the element to see the IX list populate and then hunt for the related interaction. Sorry if I am completely misunderstanding your question. Can you give an example of where you are seeing them turned off. It could be they are using an external JS?

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Hi @LvnLife, thanks for the questions. @vlogic is correct, you can edit and access those interactions for those sites in discover in read only mode, unless the site allows cloning, then you can clone the site as well. Click on the element having the interaction, then click on the Symbols tab to access the interactions settings for that element. As @vlogic mentioned, you need to look for which elements have interactions.

This is a good idea, how to “reverse” analyze a site that already exists, to see how it was made. I will discuss this with @thewonglv and see what we can do for this :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave :slight_smile:

@cyberdave, @LvnLife - you could also try this to search method to locate element and IX:

May help you to locate what is being targeted.

sorry if I am over-pimping :slight_smile:

Oh yes, thanks @vlogic, I forgot about that post :slight_smile: yes, that is a good way also to get the elements having an interaction :smile:

Cheers, Dave :slight_smile: