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💃 Learn Bridal Waltz – UX Feedback is much appreciated!

Hey WF community!

I’d like to share my newest creation with you: Dans Brudevals.
It is Danish and means “Dance Bridal Waltz”.


The website is created to help Danish couples learn the Bridal Waltz used at weddings.
Learning is done through a series of videos and an option to book an instructor is possible as well.

I’d very much like your feedback on the usability of the site. The visitors are often watching all the videos, but I’d like more to like the Facebook page and/or visit the “Personlig undervisning”-page, which is where the private lessons are.

I’m working on a “About us”-page right now :slight_smile:

Thanks. Have a nice day!

Man, @Curting, I really, really really like the colors and general UI of the website.Especially the Videolektioner pages. It’s a very nice design, that’s intuitive and self explanatory. Compliments.

Maybe, a very small suggestion, is to do something with the grey arrow on the videolektioner page. Maybe you can do a small hover and click (or press) interaction.

Hey @Diu!

Thanks a lot for the comment – it’s nice to get specific feedback from likeminded people :blush:
Can you help me out understanding what grey arrow you’re referring to?

Have a nice evening.

Sure! It’s this one i mean:

What if you give only the triangle a pulsing action (size 95% to 105%, loop) on hover with an interaction?
Of give it a similar to youtube / vimeo interaction.


Arh, I see.

Currently it ‘pulses’ by looping opacity up and down, but it doesn’t change in size.
I’ll try it and see how it works.

Thanks for the feedback once again, @Diu !


Hey Diu!
I just updated the website with several new design features including new videoplayer menu design and a button -> form on the index page. Since you were so kind to give me feedback last time, I hope I have the chance to get your feedback once again? :smile: :sunny:

Also… To decrease the bouncerate I animated the primary button on the index page. Try wait 6 seconds without doing anything and you’ll see! :smile:

I like it. it’s simple, fun, and playful.

Overall I think its a nice simple site, yet, i don’t like the landing page, it is boring for me, it can be hard to read white letters on light blue background, and the layout with the small video feels like an old style website.

Maybe try something else for the landing? the first impression is everything. try to wow the user on the first page they land. i will be interested with what you will have to say to this and your thought process when designing this page.

Overall I do like the website.

Hope this helps. :wink:

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Hi, Vlad!

Thanks very much for your feedback. I appreciate that you’re very specific with your critique :blush:

The landing page is also proving to be hard to optimize for search engines, since I’ve removed any unnessecary text and even the footer.

Do you have any particular landing page design in mind that I could get inspiration from? That’d be really great! :thumbsup:

Have a great evening.

I’ve come up with a new design for the landing page, @VladimirVitaliyevich.

You can see a picture of it here:

Do you think that it’s better than the current one?


Shit… I accidently hit ‘Publish’ after making this post. So I’ve just fixed all errors and made it responsive, so that I finally can go to bed now. I hope you like it. You can find it here:

Any feedback is welcome!

The new landing page is great! Much cleaner and organized.

Here are some more things I found that irritate me (in a sense :wink:)

the thing that bothers me with these two sections of quotes is that throughout the whole website all the content is aligned with the container, then at the end suddenly it looks broken. if not broken, then something that was put together very fast without further thought.

I saw you post above for any solutions that I would propose so how about something like this?

i increased the width of the two items to align with the container and the other content. I also increased the margin in order for the content to not feel “squished”. This way I think it helps the user navigate more freely and it feels in order. That, or this is just a personal problem that I can’t get over which is the fact that it does not have harmony and cuts itself off unexpectedly at the end. But I think this is a solution that will keep it in the style of the container. :wink:

One more thing:

I like how some items are closer compactly into their sections but sometimes I feel as if it is compacted too much. The footers are great but I would try to increase some margin space in between the main content.

Such is an example of before:

And after:

Notice how with a little more margin added to the top and bottom it suddenly feels more of a smooth transition where the user is not being rushed?

This is mostly based on my opinions and the fact that I like harmony in a website, where the transitions to one section to the next is not rushed but rather prolonged into a scroll. But this might just be me, so you will have to make the choice.

But what do you think of for what I mentioned so far? Do you think it is reasonable? Are there any reasons why you chose to layout the website the way you did?

Be sure to reply with your thoughts on this take. :wink:

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Looks great man. Compliments. I really like video player design.
Also, the form on the homepage works well.

Now I need just english subtitles in the video’s, and a translate button and you’re done! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you very much, Vlad!

I appreciate your detailed feedback and included solutions.

Please feel free to keep pointing out things that irritate you. I learn from them! :wink:

I agree with you about the alignments and I’ve fixed it asap.

You mentioned that the ‘inverted colors’ on the front page (white text on blue background) was a bad idea. I generally follow your idea with a high text/background contrast for content, but I made an exception this time since there’s not a lot of text to read. How’s the readability for you?

Thanks for your time and goodwill! :smile:

Thanks a bunch!
And thanks for trying out the form! :wink:

Are you joking with me or would you actually watch the videos if they had english subtitles? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning on making a Norwegian and Swedish version of the website, since the language is fairly simmilar… But I haven’t considered the English-speaking market. Should I? :sunny:

You should do that absolutely!

I’m sure many of my friends would want to understand those dance lessons.
Although Dutch people can generally make some sense of the written text,
hearing is a bit different, so a translation would be useful. English is
preferred I guess, since that has the widest reach.

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Interesting, @Diu.
You do the bridal waltz in the Netherlands as well?

Would you mind me contacting you, when I expand the language to Dutch? :smile:

@curting, we do indeed.
Feel free to DM me! :wink:

How’s the readability for you?

The text for me is fine since I have a retina 4K screen, but I was just wondering what the lower end monitors are displaying. Recently I had to use a computer at my school for a project and when I went on a website I had constantly went on at home there was a very big difference. Not only was the monitor (which was the “average” monitor) very pixelated, but slight variations in colors that I had seen on my iMac were being displayed as one color on the “average” monitor.

This is where I am worried users with “average” monitors will not be able to tell that there is something there… or might have to look very closely to tell that there is something there.

Hope this explains a bit what i am worried about. :wink:

True. I understand what you mean, @VladimirVitaliyevich.

I also believe the font weight could be too thin on low-res screens. it’s just not pretty at normal weight either.
Then we’re back to the question of whether or not I should prioritize UX or prettiness :stuck_out_tongue:

I just published a new version of the front page to meet your high expectations. I found a ruler to align things rather effective! :wink:

Apart from the stylization of the page, I took the secondary button away and replaced it with the form it previously faded itself into upon clicking. Now the user has to click one time less – I just wonder if the page is still clean? What do you think?

I experimented with drop shadow (which I normally despise) on the white font. It should create more contrast.

I’m looking very much forward to hearing your feedback yet again :smile: :sunny:

The page is found here:

I also did adjustments to this page:


Thanks for your time!

Wow! Great job!

You have earned a follower. :wink:

Everything that you portrayed I think is great and solves the original problem. Great job creating smart solutions to fix the problems!

Although I do have one more thing that i find slightly annoying, I associate the content of the page with the section due to the dramatic difference in color. Therefore when I hover over the section I feel as if the content inside of it is also part of the section. Thats why i think it would be wiser to have the hover be over the whole section rather than just the content for the 5-star rating to light up. Do you know what I mean? :slight_smile:

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