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Lazyload/infinity scroll articles/pages


I’m looking for a way to create an “infinite load” of articles/pages for my blog. This example will explain what I mean with infinite scroll:

You go to a blog post, read through it and then it automatically loads the next blog post so the reader will continue the flow. I’m not sure if “lazy/infinite” scroll is even the right word for this.

I’m not using CMS yet so I’m looking for how to do this for “pages”.

I appreciate any help with this! Thanks :star_struck:


Hello @Jussi

I don’t think lazyload can help with this particular case. Lazyload what it does is to delay the load of images when viewing delaying the load of images until they are in the viewport.

You are going to need custom code for this for sure, but I just can’t find the topic I saw about it, when I do I’ll post it here.

Hi @aaronocampo

Thanks for clarifying. I wonder what the right term for this is called…

Would be awesome if you found that discussion again. I’ll try to search for it but not sure what are the correct terms.

Big thanks Aaron!