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Lazy loading or browser default best for SEO/performance

Happy to see that lazy loading is built in feature.
I was about to activate this on all my images on all my sites, but then started questioning why the default setting is “Use browser default”.

Can someone explain how you should think when choosing this setting? Especially in light of SEO/performance.

I would say that leaving it as “Use browser default” is a good all round setting. While lazy loading can improve load types and in turn SEO. In some circumstances it does not improve SEO, and could hurt User Experience.

So if you only have a few images on a page, lazy loading won’t make much of an impact on speed and could impact User Experience, especially if they are above the fold images.

So good to think of each site and page individually and make the choice.

Thanks a lot for this insightful answer! I’ll keep doing as you recommend then.