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Lazy designer has a suggestion

I design websites and apps for 9 years.
This is the first project I’m working with webflow.
Beta design
I found webflow is pretty cool !!! Take less time and cost on fighting with coding & programmer.
Everything are awesome.

Here is a suggestion on viewing layers in design view.
There are 5 layers. But it shows only 3 now.
What I want is showing all upper layers.

Sth like this :smiley:

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I find myself wanting that too. Maybe the upcoming persistent Structure panel will help too. (if it has some collapsing options). We all need a bit of an “overall” sense I guess.

maybe a setting that has a default of (3) three parents which can be changed to any other number.

Beat me to posting this request - I’m constantly clicking up three levels, clicking up three more… Full structure would be great. A setting as @pixelgeek suggests would be ok as long as it didn’t complicate any UI, though I’m not clear on the magic number 3 as a default. Default wouldn’t actually matter to me though, because I’d set it for “max” right away anyway.

Thanks for the suggestion guys! We will be adding breadcrumbs at the bottom of the canvas where you will be able to select any parent element (not just three). That’s the idea.


You’ll like this: use your keyboard arrow UP to jump to the parent element. This shortcut will change your life. :smiley: