Layouts WP-style

Looks like I couldn’t convince company to choose WF over WP for a couple of reasons. One is translation and localize wasn’t good enough because we want to able to have unique urls for each language(SEO). The other thing was that the editor wants what’s available in WP, layouts. Editor can choose from different layouts when creating pages and content and then chose where in menu structure that page goes. So that’s my wish for future updates :grinning:

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Hey @jorn I get the translation and localize issue, I guess but for the layout/page structures Webflow goes one better than Wordpress because you can use objects. Create multiple objects with layouts and they can basically build multiple custom layouts or they could clone pages. Just a thought.

Bummer that you couldn’t get them to go with Webflow.

Yeah I showed him that and he said that he could learn the back end solution but that he rather go for the front end solution for speed. They also have thoughts about WF being the new kid and WP being the one more people know.