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Layouts and different devices. Is it automatic?

I am still confused about web flow. If I wanted a different background and layout for each device, would I simply just edit each device separately?

You can’t target devices separately (at least without custom code). But you can target different sizes of screen, like desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Sometimes when I change a background picture and I’m on the mobile screen, it will change for the mobile screen, but on the desktop screen is a different image. Does that mean I can change what images are to be displayed on different screens?

Basically what I want to do is have a certain image in the background of my home screen. The image will take up the whole screen. On mobile I want the same image, but I had to recreate it in photoshop so the sizing would allow it to cover the whole mobile portrait view. How can I ensure that the same image, in different sizes is covering the full background of different screens,

Yes, that’s how breakpoints work

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@Oliver_Davies If you’re changing the background of a div with a class for different breakpoints and haven’t already, make a subclass for each device size/breakpoint and replace the background with the one sized appropriately. It might be easier to keep track of it that way?