Layout problem with footer and page title on single page

My page title won’t stay on top, and the bottom of the last section won’t clear the footer on my contact page, which has a very long rich text section. My layout works fine on all the other pages. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!

EDIT: After a couple edits my last problem seems to be that the page title and footer won’t stay on top (complete cover up) the part of the rich text section that is being scrolled over. Does anyone know the setting to make an element cover up another during scrolling?

EDIT 2: The behavior doesn’t show up in the Webflow read-only link. You can see it in this one:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ll need to add padding to the contact page to offset your footer. But it seems you jumped right into Webflow without really spending the time to learn how web standards work in terms of content and structure of websites. I strongly suggest spending a few days going through a ton of videos over on and familiarizing yourself with the principles of web design before jumping back in. Just as a reference, before I built my first site, I spend 30-40 hours digesting content to learn. Good Luck!

Thanks for the help Dave. I am slowly making my way through videos, but I have never made a website before, so having an inkling of how to start laying stuff out is really hard.

Thanks again,

Sure! I know it is quite difficult but I wanted to send you on the right path that I started on to hopefully set you up for success! I promise those videos will help you immensely and you’ll likely know how to fix your site on your own as you go. Tweaking and rebuilding your site as you watch the videos and learn new things is a great way to apply those new skills and help them stick! Message back here if you have any other specific questions that you can’t figure out once you’ve watched more. Good Luck and welcome to Webflow!