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Layout problem in my Landing page

Hello everyone,

I spent 3 hours and finally, I must admit that I need help with this section. In “benefits-new” section doesn’t work functionally (left-hand side- text, right-hand side-images). They don’t work in simultaneously. Could you please help me with the right height-weight? You can find the ready-only link below.

Here is the proper LP(I only wanted to add one card): Amazon PPC Software


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Adspert - Make every bid smartly

Does anybody know how to fix this issue? It would be great also to explain how it works, then I won’t publish recurring issues.

can you explain that what do you want exactly

explain through loom video

I cannot see the link?

Your link directly redirects to loom’s homepage

Hi @nihat - they are saying for you to record a Loom video of your issues/ideas, which often helps explain what you’re after.

Ahh, sorry I am so stupid. Texts are not swiping correctly when you scroll down. Here is the loom video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Ready only link: Webflow - Adspert - Make every bid smartly

I think I fixed it, somehow :thinking:. I have no idea how i did :smiley: