Layout problem in Internet Explorer

Any ideas on why our website is having serious layout issues on Internet Explorer?
Here is what it is doing on I.E. The Nav bar is shifting all the way over and it looks like the image and divs are all zoomed in quite a bit.


Here is my site Read-Only:
emphasized text

Try changing the container left and right padding to auto and then setting the width to 100%?

Hi @Live_Tour_Network,

Unfortunately, with IE, there are certain things you cant do with flexbox. Like you cannot use % or vh/vw with your settings. It only somewhat works on IE 10/11 and it doesn’t work at all on 9 or older.

Check to see how many users actually still use IE. Most developers do not bother to support IE as it takes longer to create a layout that it will support.

Hope this helps? Here is some resources for your questions:

Happy Designing,