Layout of CMS blog previews

Hi All,

I’m in the middle of laying out a blog/News page for my company website and need a bit of advice on how the News Post summaries appear on the News page of the site.

Ideally I would like them to appear in a two column grid on the desktop site and flow down the page in date order (newest first).

I’ve managed to get it working using the dummy blog posts built into Webflow but when I click on the two column grid the post summaries don’t flow properly. There seems to be a gap appearing after the first post?

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Also, I would like to have a row of categories next to the News Posts so people can sort them by year. I’ve set up the year categories in CMS but have no idea how to set it up so it only shows posts from certain years? Has anyone done anything similar with their blog?

Thanks in advance.

A link to my current site layout is below.

Here is my site Read-Only:

For the displaying of the news I’m really not sure why the first one is separate but applying a 49% width to the item solved the issue.

For the categories, this will get very complicated. So you will have to use a tabs component and inside each tab you’ll add a dynamic list with your news posts filtered for each category. This will essentially show/hide each list based on what you set it to. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the response DFink! That worked perfectly!

I think I’ll use the filtering technique to get them into each year category at a later date. Just having the blog appear in date order will be good enough for now.