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Layout issue on mobile landscape

I am trying to troubleshoot this layout issue I am having. I can’t seem to consistently recreate it by resizing my Chrome browser, it is only happening on my actual mobile devices. See attached screenshots.

The above images show how the layout should look and behavior. As you can see it works on all three preview modes on Webflow. However, when I publish and do some playing around on my Pixel 3 XL Chrome browser and on my iPad browser I get these outcomes:

I’ve tried playing around with every display property, margin and padding setting I can think of but can’t seem to figure it out. Any help?


Here is my site Read-Only:

@npfosi - Thanks for taking the time to share lots of screenshots describing your problem. It will go a long way to help the path to a solution. I notice you have lots of pages. Which one should we be looking at?

Oh apologies. Thought I had included that - it’s the “cruising” page… it is passworded… the password is projects if you need it for some reason.

Have you tried to create a basic layout (static) with the html structure and classes for the proj-details-wrapper? if not, I would do that to start.

It’s about isolation when dealing with debugging interactions on elements, on particular devices.

Looks like the page is “Projects”. I had to dive into your interactions to see.

It is… your right. Apologies my mind is all over the place - I am also working on the cruising page…