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Layout in Designer not what is displaying on live device

My Designer is showing one thing and a live phone on the site displays another. Three major things the cart drops in the nav bar, the logo image is stretched in the “about us” and one of the salve product pictures displaces sideways on phone but not on designer.

I have videos showing the difference I’m trying to link, also I have reached out twice to email support. Anything you guys can do to help would be great, thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Welcome to the community @ChrisBlackSheepBloom!

I’m not able to see the live website as the staging URL ( is throwing a 404—can you link the live site? Along with any videos you have illustrating the problem, it may be helpful to know which device you’re noticing the issues.

…also I have reached out twice to email support

Unfortunately Webflow support doesn’t normally handle these types of issues, so folks here in the community are going to be your best bet. For reference I’ve included the applicable section in their Customer Support Policy below:

Visual/UX/UI design questions or preventable issues

Though we’d love to help with every design question we get, it’s outside our radar. However, you can certainly reach out to the multitude of talented designers in Webflow’s forum. Take a peek at the following links to get started:

it errors out everytime i try to link the videos, do you have an email i could send them to, or another idea of how to link them, I converted from mp4 to gif

is the site.

Thanks for the link to live site, I went ahead and checked it out on my phone (Chrome/Android) and everything looks fine to me.

You can use Loom to record the video, it’s free as long as you only need to record 5 minutes or less.