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Layout Braking Between Designer and Preview


I can’t figure out what is going on! I have an animation for the navigation where when you hover over a menu button, a menu extension pops up. The animation is working great, but the layout is breaking. When I look at in the designer, everything looks great, but not in preview or the live site. This didn’t start happening until I started making the navigation responsive across devices.

Here is the read-only link: Webflow - Redeemer Bible Church

Hi @Timothy_Prescott, thanks for your post and great question.

I made a video that should help to solve the issue, I would set the display flex to display block when showing the NavMenuCategoryContainer class.

I hope this helps

Thank you so much!!! That worked perfectly. You saved me so much time!
Could I send you some payment for your trouble?

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Hi @Timothy_Prescott thanks for letting me know, I am glad that worked out.

No payment is needed, just pay it forward in kindness to someone :slight_smile:

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