Layout advanced (beginner question)

Why the layout on the right dont show advanced with it?

Im trying to follow a video and the interface is different from the one I have???

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The Ui evolved recently and all the videos don’t reflect the changes. However you should be able to still fond what you need in the UI. If you screen capture what you’re looking for I can point where the missing settings now are.

Hey! Sorry for jumping onto an old post but I am looking for help with exactly this problem! I’m following the video for the “Rotational parallax on mouseover” and it comes up with a bunch of settings I don’t seem to have anymore.

For example, there is the Layout tab which has an “Advanced” toggle which I don’t have, which seems to give you access to Flex Item settings and Display Settings. Then when trying to create the child elements for this effect you need to change the justification to align everything centrally with the Flex Layout settings which again I can’t seem to find!

Thank you!