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Layer & Menu Question


i am trying to build this mechanic. ->

here is my problem: the website starts with layer 1, it moves out when i scroll down. so far so good.
but the hamburger button is confusing me, i´m trying to get it behind the layer 1 (Z-Index) but when i scroll down, the hamburger icon comes to the front and stays in front.

the next thing: i want the hamburger button to have the same position as the call to action button, when layer 1 moves out. and that when you scroll down it moves out. like it is already

thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

I actually see your hamburger menu behind the layer 1.

I see it moving out when layers 3 comes.

So I’m not sure I understand your issues at all :smiley:

Yes, the hamburger icon is behind the layer 1, but when i click into layer 1, the hamburger icon comes to front and stayes there. because that, the hamburger icon hasn´t the same position as the call to action button.