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Hey guys

New website online, yay! :smiley:

This time it’s for a Belgian webdesign-agency-project for lawyers. The goal was to have a pretty website that attracts small- and medium-sized law firms.
There are a lot of conversion rate optimization focused design elements on the website, with a landing page to get leads, call to actions, an inbound blog… Let me know if you like it :slight_smile:

Check out the LawyerOnline website


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I like it a lot. The type is very clean and professional.

I did notice that your social media icons are MIA, however, not sure if you’re aware of that.

I would encourage you to maybe rethink the icons on the web design page. Everything else on your site is so clean and professional that they stick out in what I believe is a bad way. The style is just very jarring. You may be able to soften that a bit by using that style for some other things on the page as well, so it’s more of a theme and less of a “here are some hand-drawn icons I found”.

Hey man, thanks for the feedback! :slightly_smiling:

About the social media: yes I’m aware. We still have to make some small changes like social links, favicon, SEO stuff…

Good point about the icons. I’ll think about it, maybe I find some more fitting icons!
I agree with the fact that everything else is pretty clean, and the icons are definitely more playful.
I’ll keep you updated!