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Lawyer Website: would love some Feedback

Hey everyone,
just putting the finishing touches on this lawyer website and I’m pretty exited to share it with you guys.

I’m looking for feedback, critique and suggestions. Anything that could help me make this site or future sites better would be super appreciated.

This is my first site for a client and just the second ever. The client is my mom, though :laughing:
Anyway, I did the concept (steal and adapt-method ;)), all the texts and then build it all in webflow.
Took forever. But I was intent figuring everything out myself. Also I’m just starting out haha

Couple of things that are already on my list:

  • transitions smoothness and timing (some are okay, some others could use a lot more tinkering). @vincent’s sandbox was already a lot of help. Thanks, man!
  • Not sure, if it didn’t sailorly looking, especially from the landing page. It makes all sense with the texts. But this style of website is really picture dependent when it comes to transmitting instant meaning… Gonna keep this in mind for the next site.
  • The logo is fairly boring and should reflect the maritime feel of the rest of the site…

But yeah shoot away, really curious what you are gonna say.


I quite enjoy your site, Chris. It is simple, straightforward, and conveys information well. It reads like a magazine/newspaper and has a human face (probably your mother’s) which I think is key. Perhaps include another picture of your mother in place of the top photo, though you do have a nice boat-them going (at least that’s what I gathered from google-translating the website :stuck_out_tongue:).

I’d advise you remove any top/bottom margin from the logo image/div and place it in a vertically centered flex so it will be responsive on both mobile and desktop, and get that perfect centering (assuming the image itself is centered as well in the png file).

This website is a calm, clear, and smooth experience and I think you really killed it for your first site. You should’ve seen my first webflow site… shudder

Great work! :birthday:


Edit: Be sure to drop your info on this topic. Maybe you’ll pick up a few more clients: List of Webflow Freelancers (2014-2015)

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Nice job.

Without spending too much time looking at it, a couple of things stood out for me:

  1. The logo is too big for the bar at the top.
  2. There appear to be too many text styles - I think I counted 4, maybe 5 with italics. I would not use more than 2, maybe 3 maximum.
  3. I would increase the spacing between the sections a bit more. It looks a bit too compacted for me. Don’t be afraid to use space!
  4. Three dots, not two, after your hero headline, assuming you want it to be an ellipsis!

Hope that helps a bit. Otherwise, looks good!


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How did you achieve the scroll (parallax?) effect making the hero fade out and the logo fade in as you scroll?


Hey Christopher,

thanks a lot!
Agree that the top foto is not hundred-percent optimal. Maybe a pitfall of a concept guided design, vs. conversion guided concept. But the boat theme does make sense, especially since Kiel is a harbor city. Plus my mom loves it :smiley:

Anyway, will implement the flex-box idea for the navbar logo.

BTW. it’s my second site in webflow. First one was for myself, though. I’m a bit proud none the less, not gonna lie haha

Edit: Freelancer list is an awesome idea. Thanks again


Hey Dan, exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

I’m gonna check it all out.
What kind of device did you use for looking the website if I may ask?

Hey Alex,

I use a jquery plug-in called scroll-me and a lot of experimentation.

Check it out here:

Hey Dan,

actually made the logo smaller and it looks way better now.
Also kicked out, well, one of the fonts. now I’m left with three, four if I count the italics.

About the compacted look I’m not yet so sure, what to do without messing up all the layout. But I’m gonna keep it in mind for the next project.

Thx for chiming in :smiley:

I think your site is really wonderful. I am working on site #1 so appreciate what you went through. There is so much engagement without it looking busy, it kept me going through it to ready the story. I didn’t understand the coaching that others were giving until I read the last posts. I saw it with your modifications already done. :smile:

I can’t figure out how to get that white space either. I put in what I thought was a spacing block but because it was empty except for background it didn’t space at all. :frowning: I hope to have my site up for critique soon. Good job, can’t wait to see your progress, with a start like this I bet you will rock it.


Hi @rvdebby, I like to use padding on my sections, top and bottom, to create extra space between the content and the section border, is this what you are referring?

I would try to avoid putting in div blocks for the purpose of spacing, rather use padding or margin. to your elements. Padding and margin may work, but not the most concise method of creating space.

Padding increases space on the inside of a box, while margin increases space between the box and other elements on the page.

A really good resource for layouts is Go check it out!

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Thanks a lot, Deb :blush:

I’ll try my best.

You’ll do well with @cyberdaves suggestions to get some serious whitespace.

Actually opened up all the sections a bit today, give elements a little more place to breath, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t really slick now :smiley:

Thank you, guys!

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Now I have to revisit! I am so excited to find this community of people that reach out and help. What a fantastic family.