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Launching photography & design portfolio!

Hello! My name is Robert. I wanted to build a site to showcase my original photography and design work. First time building in Webflow and I had a blast! Very curious to get some feedback from the community.

read only link:

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @rvrmakes it looks great. My only question is the second link on your nav just seems to be the photo content from the first page. I would put your design work there.

The only other thing I would consider would be bump the size of the type for your navigation menu.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at it, Austin. Will take a look and increase the size of the nav type. Much appreciated!

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I do love the hover effect on your images. Where the colorize on hover. Could be really cool to eventually add lazy load or scroll animations that trigger when the element comes into view.

Thank you! It’s just a slow, gradual hover interaction (~1 sec) from greyscale 100% to 0%. The text fades a little slower.

I definitely want to add lazy load to help with loading times and general site speed. Since this is half photography and half design portfolio, the tricky part for me is displaying such resource-intensive and large image sizes so they appear very sharp, don’t appear compressed, while also loading reasonably quickly. I have more optimization to do.