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Launched "Rebilt". Submit your redesigned project here, too!

This is merely for fun and I’m really just curious to see if it would get some traction. For awhile, when I interview designers, I generally ask what their design process is, especially on a particular redesigned project or product. And sometimes it’s hard to tell how the older version really was in comparison to tell the story. We usually see the final product; the final results.

Of course, who has the access (or time) to have the older version of the product in hand? So, that problem already sets a challenge for the growth of Rebilt. If designers wish to submit a redesigned project, they’d have to submit the older version, as well.

But then there’s It stores snapshots of webpages as far back as… I don’t know, many years? So that helps!

Also, the older version doesn’t necessarily need to be so ancient. It could be just an older iteration of previous concepts or prototypes.

Anyhow, this is truly a rough stage. There’s no logo, no branding, nothing. Yet. It’s still at a working prototype stage, I think. And, hopefully, over time we can see this website get refined.

Would love for anyone to participate !! :smile:



Great idea. I was thinking of how to implement something like this on my site but i dont want the old ugly site on there. Im interested to see it get some traction.

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Haha. Thanks! I know exactly what you mean. I ran into that same thought, while making this. Initially, I had it where you would see the older version first, when you come to the project detail page. But I started noticing the cringe factor. So, I had reversed the order, where you would see the newer (and better?) design first and the older one below that. :sweat_smile:

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Nice site @mcelso and nice use of uploadcare :smile:

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And I thank YOU, @mattbrant1981 for that great recommendation!

Hi again, folks!
So, the most common feedback I’ve been getting is that there weren’t enough content on the website to convince people to submit a project.

Now, I’m trying a different approach. I’m keeping the submissions hidden until I receive the first 50. Once I have 50 submissions, I plan to post them on a newly redesigned ReBilt site.

For now, it’s just a landing page with a Form:

Hope that encourages anyone to submit something! :slightly_smiling: