Launched my first Webflow site! MINE!

After years of trying to hack through Wordpress builders like Divi and messing with Squarespace I thought I was sunk. But Webflow climbed the tower upon my ever-receding hairline and rescued me.

I am sure I did some things the hard way but overall I am very happy with how it came out.

Thanks Webflow!!


Manual screen printing! I know why you needed to find something to keep you in front of a computer during the Summer…

Memories-of-nearly-sweating-to-actual-death-in-a-Tampa-screen-printing-shop aside, this is gorgeous. The skew on your page titles is genius.

Some critical feedback would be some relatively little stuff like: maybe slowing down some of your scroll interactions, making the images on your portfolio click through to the project, more balance on the projects themselves (super image-heavy… even though I WANT to know exactly what you did I’m too distracted by the images to read the text for very long), and maybe a little bit of breathing room between the image and header text on each page.

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Thank you so much! Luckily my shop is fully air conditioned! lol.

Your feedback… spot on. I am going to be linking the images to the projects (same for blog post). I purposely went image large/heavy as most people are looking and then talking to me about results but I will keep an eye out on the client feedback and alter as needed. Thank you!

:heart_eyes: Absolutely stunning website. Love the images, background video and the whole look and feel of it with the interactions. This is superb and a work of art. Your work is truly incredible :smiley:

If someone is looking for a strong brand, then having a strong brand yourself is vital, and yours is incredible!
How long did you spend building this?

The blog layout is great too, so much thought has gone into this. I’ve never used so many emoji’s in one post. :webflow_heart:

Congrats, :monkey_face: monkey person! :joy:

EDIT: I’ve just seen you joined up in May. @StuM @PixelGeek this just shows what someone can do in just 2 months without any previous Webflow experience, featured on the next live stream? +1 from me.

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Great and impactful site! I like the " built by hand WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?" section, it’s spot on.

Great services too… I’ve been a screen-printing craftman for posters and teeshirts in the past too :smiley: I miss it, often thinking of getting into it again.


Yep…this is fantastic - absolute #designgoals


I probably spent about 3 months total from learning Webflow to getting in just getting it done. Of course I have not “learned” Webflow as I will always be learning it! So much packed in there. I have another few sites for side projects that will be more flashy with interactions and I am looking forward to playing with that more. Thank you so much for the kind words!

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Thank you Vincent!

I both love and hate printing on the same day at times. But it is cool being able to crank out your own products!

Haha. Thank you Stu! I did a LOT of forum lurking to squash some issues I was having. Amazing community here!

What a legend. We’re in the same boat. Almost done with my own website as well. Webflow FTW!

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Excited to see it! Best of luck with the launch!

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