Launched a component library for difficult to create components – No Code Flow

Hi friends!

We released a little collection of useful components that we never found for Webflow, but we desperately needed in a bunch of projects. So we built the components that we always lacked of, made them easy to customize and style – 100% native (no third party stuff) within Webflow and working with the Webflow Collection List items.

We’re also live on Product Hunt now → No Code Flow - Webflow Components - Collection of useful components for the Webflow CMS | Product Hunt

Currently we built:

Week Calendar

Cal Vid

Location Map with Pins

Map Vid

Filter, Sort and Search

Filter Vid

We use these components actively ourselves in client projects we do within our agency. So we feel confident that it can save all of us some time and nerves while working on Webflow.

Any support, ideas or whatever you have – let us know. We’d love to hear from you! <3


Lucas from No Code Flow

P.S.: more to come soon, you can join the mail list to get updated (no spam, only “Hey, here is a new component” – promised!)


Terrific! Thank you @luci. I’m particularly interested in how you pulled off the filter / sort.

Incidentally, I tried signing up for future updates and the tick box for agreeing with the privacy policy doesn’t work. I also noticed a typo on the home page “Fit’s” your web site should be just “Fits”.

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@NathanH Hey Nathan, thanks for the Feedback, fixing that! <3 Funny enough we can’t reproduce the bug of that sign-up bug… :frowning:

@luci Does the CMS Calendar support recurring events?

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@joejola You can import them from Google Calendar or a .csv. Or you can trick around a bit with JS. Since it uses every native Webflow CMS features, the calendar CMS collection can do the same as every other collection list!