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Launch of an online music courses website / with Zapier integrations

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share with you my latest website creation, which is an online music school website, PROUDLY hosted on Webflow (except courses hosted on Teachable) :

Thanks to Webflow, I managed not only to create a unique visual experience to present the courses, but on a more technical side, with Zapier and Webflow working together like a charm, I could easily integrate lots of third-party apps. This results in a seamless experience for users.

Also, It is possible to emulate a bilingual website (not perfect) particularly on the blog : from a single collection, it is possible to cross-reference posts, in order to switch easily from one langage to another.

Last remark :
After spending countless hours optimizing my client’s blog on Wordpress for speed and SEO (cloudflare, premium apps to cache files, SEO apps) with so little results, I recommended them to integrate the blog directly on Webflow. Even though they were nervous (and maybe suspicious) RESULTS ARE STAGGERING.
I could not ask for more, both in performance/speed and in SEO results (see below screenshot - please note that on migrating I also applied a couple of SEO technics + link juice from old blog).

Yes, migrating from wordpress, means you’ll probably had to give up on some interesting plugins, BUT compared to the flexibility, control and performance you gain on Webflow, to me it’s a no brainer :slight_smile:

Now I can’t wait to integrate e-commerce functionalities directly into the website, in order to control completely the transaction process (waiting on a couple of features like multi-currency, PayPal, etc…)

Thanks for reading, Any feedback appreciated :nerd_face:


Nice clean website, I like it!

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I’d love to hear how exactly you have used integrations in your project!

Sure. For example, signing-up for a trial course on Teachable directly from Webflow (seamless experience for the user), or instrument makers can fill a form that will directly grow our instruments directory (with moderation before publishing :slight_smile: )… last exemple using the Proof App to track events (trials, purchases,etc…), etc…

I was wondering at first if not having total control on the hosting would somehow limit me. and it’s absolutely not the case !

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This is great to see, @pixelemotion! Would you be interested in working with us on a case study for the blog?


@jmw : I would be honoured. Let me know, how you want to proceed.

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Someone was inspired by Webflow’s mega menu :wink:

Nice website and very user friendly, I like it.

Quick question though : how happy are you with embedsocial ? Is it worth it ?

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Someone was inspired by Webflow’s mega menu :wink:

@Pasint : Unashamedly YES :nerd_face: It’s actually a clonable element from the excellent @PixelGeek .
This is a brillant way to have a visual menu and I found it relevant for this website.

how happy are you with embedsocial ? Is it worth it ?

Very happy. To be honest, it was first at first a price based decision. Embedsocial is much more affordable than other reviews SAAS, and my client needed a simple way to display properly its Facebook recommandations. It turns out this is a great tool, decently customizable. Some features are missing, but overall I would recommand it.

Nothing to be ashamed of, and it does work well with your site design.

Thanks for the insight regarding Embedsocial :+1:. There are many tools out there and it’s always tricky to get the right one for the customers.

Awesome! I’ll DM you with details.


Hey why exactly has the traffic gone up? It is more to do with content and on page optimisation than platform? Just curious!

Did you use third party integration for your cookie policy? If so, what did you use?

I have a client that used for his legal policies and i’m curious about other options in the space now. I didn’t realize it was a thing until he used it.

It is more to do with content and on page optimisation than platform?

@HammerOz : I would say it’s a combination of 2 things.

  • Amazing hosting performance with Webflow. Our blog on wordpress was pretty slow, despite always trying to optimize it, and buying premium apps to improve performance.
    With Webflow, no need to take care of this stuff :slight_smile: CMS items are published as flat files so there is no database access, the files are downloaded to the browser with as fast a connection as the site visitor has (this was explained to me by Dave from support).
    Google loves fast loading websites and I’m absolutely convinced it rewarded our blog for speed.

  • On page optimization : I have found it really easy to work on SEO settings on Webflow. You can really work on a granular level to improve meta tags, schema, open graph, etc… I’m not a SEO expert at all, but I feel I have gained control over the blog, which enabled me to improve SEO.


@dapitts08 : yes I usually use Cookie Consent :slight_smile:

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awesome! thanks. I am going to add it to my arsenal :slight_smile:

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Good website, I like it!

Yep - really does the trick and gets a clear message across. Clean and functional.

The musical instrument appears to be great fun, I am wondering whether the tone of the site reflects that? The site itself, structure, look and feel is excellent and a lot of time and consideration has obviously gone into this.

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Thanks for the feedback @BUMPandHUSTLE !

Great remark about the fun side of this instrument and how to reflect this into the design. It’s actually something I’ll probably explore more (in the next version of the site).

The main challenge & focus here was to visually demonstrate how simple and structured is the method to learn this instrument. That’s why I mainly worked on having a clean and functional design, with sparks of animations :slight_smile:

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Congrats on your new site, looks great!

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Nice case study, I read it. Im trying to do the same with my online school on Teachable: I would love talking to you about it.