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Latest update to Navbar

It’s really great that you get a notification on new updates when you entering your dashboard. The latest one about the navbar was something about adding a subheader to a navlink, or am I wrong? Cant get it to work anyway.

(It would be nice to be able to read those updates somewhere. Maybe the site your working on doesn’t need it but you want to test the new feature on another site later on.)

Hey @jorn, glad you find the updates useful! I agree, I think we should have some sort of changelog page that lists all the updates so users can go back and read them.

As for the navbar, we now support adding other elements (like headers and such) into the “Open” nav menu. Simply drag other elements from the “Add” panel into the navbar’s menu element.


Ah, in the open menu. I was hoping for a way to put a image inside the navlink to make nice menu button with a small image on top to illustrate what the user can expect to find on that page.

Update: I know I can solve it with Link Block =)

@jorn You could always select proper menu item, set it’s class and add background image as an icon positioned to the left of the block.