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Latest project launched

Hi there. We just launched our latest project.

There is a company web site for Schmugan and a page for their first game release for the Appstore Soova’s Dream.

Check out:
and their main site as well

Be sure to download the app and support a entrepreneur :blush:


Very fun and cute! Nice “opening”. Laughed out loud at the tongues :smiley:

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That’s really good! I love the interactions, they’re fun and perfectly match the game.

Is the Soovas Dream text supposed to be the same as the background?

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Thanks! Yes, we haven’t got a chance to discuss that, me and my client, but thats how the rough sketches looked like. Maybe not ideal but it works with the shadows.

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There is so much interactions and movements that happen so fast, we are visually distracted from the content by the many movements in so many directions.

Visually, makes us sort of “seasick” to scroll down the screen.

Maybe if things were slowed down, but in reality, the extreme amount of motion and movement is a tad on the OVERKILL side.

Sorry mate, but that’s our viewpoint.

Slick code tho!!!

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Thanks for your comment Herb. Yes it is many interactions maybe to much for some. I’m so sorry that we made you seasick, never our attention :grinning:

+1, real good job you did here.
I have to say though I must agree with @herb200mph regarding the seasickness feeling. At first I saw the site on mobile, and thought everything was literally perfect. But after a second glance on desktop, it did get difficult to watch. But I think it’s only because there are too many clouds moving in the background. If you could clear some out it would be better (on desktop).

My guess is this is a “mobile first” design anyway as it’s for a mobile game?

PS: it does make me wanna try the game, so in any case, I’d say it’s mission accomplished for you!!!

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Thanks, yes there was a thought that most people maybe would access it through mobile. You’re maybe right it could be the clouds that makes it more difficult to watch on a larger screen. Thanks for your comment.

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